DIY Paper Flower Light Fixture!

What you will need:

  •                                                         1.Garden or jewellery wire.

  •                                                        2. Hot glue

  •                                                        3. Paper
  1. Wrap wire around the light fixture, DO NOT touch wires to the bulbs.
  2. Create a stencil by hand or cut out an image from the internet.
  3. Using the stencil, cut out as many flowers as you would like/need.
  4. Glue one flower to the wire, then sandwich the wire with another flower on top.
  5. Repeat a bunch of times!

  • P.S:

    • Start from the center of your light, then work your way out!
    • Use LED bulbs
    • Do not glue together the petals, so you create that 3d texture
    • Do not touch the wire to the lights!
    • If you want to be ecofriendly, use paper scraps, news paper, junk mail, ect!

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